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Sustainable transportation and green mobility play a crucial role in achieving the decarbonization of the sector and decoupling economic growth from environmental impact. These initiatives are essential for shaping a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. In the European context, assuming a leading role in the global transportation market and the development of sustainable technologies in this area is imperative.

The European Union has set a clear goal to advance in the sector of sustainable, safe, and connected transportation and mobility. This strategic approach aims not only to enhance competitiveness but also to promote sustainability across various modes of transportation. Additionally, there is a focus on driving the development of advanced services and solutions for the mobility of passengers and goods, contributing to a more efficient and environmentally friendly transportation system.

Clean power for transport

In Horizon Europe, the European Union’s research and innovation program, transportation and mobility hold a prominent position within Cluster 5. This cluster focuses on addressing climate change, comprehending its causes, evolution, risks, repercussions, and opportunities. The inclusion of mobility and transportation in this cluster reflects the European Union’s commitment to addressing climate change comprehensively and developing innovative solutions and clean power for transport and mobility.

At Zabala Innovation, we boast a 50% funding rate for projects related to mobility. This financial support underscores the acknowledgment of the strategic importance of driving innovation in the field of sustainable transportation and mobility. We are dedicated to supporting initiatives that contribute to achieving the goals set by the European Union in the realm of mobility, facilitating the transition towards a more efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly transportation system.

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Decarbonising the sector

Sustainable transport is key to decarbonising the sector and decoupling its economic growth from its environmental impact.

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Sustainable and smart mobility

The revolution in transportation goes beyond the rise of electric vehicles energy; it extends to other modes of transport, encompassing two crucial dimensions: sustainability and digitization. This paradigm shift is evident in innovations such as autonomous trains, hydrogen-powered planes, and ships incorporating advanced technologies to reduce fuel consumption, highlighting the diverse approaches to addressing the transition towards cleaner and more efficient transportation.

The predominant challenge in sustainable and smart mobility lies in developing low-carbon transportation solutions that not only meet environmental objectives but are also competitive in the global market. This challenge is particularly evident in the automotive and railway industries, where the transition to cleaner technologies is becoming increasingly urgent.

On the maritime front, the shipping industry is undergoing its own revolution following the global agreement to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions from maritime transport by at least 50% by 2050. This ambitious commitment is driving a transformation in the shipping industry, spurring the search for innovative and sustainable solutions.

Mobility and transport

In the European context, various incentives are being implemented to promote more sustainable transportation. Support through Horizon Europe and partnerships associated with transportation, such as: