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Entorno - Support to R&I strategy and feedback to policy in the field of smart energy systems



The ENTORNO project aimed at offering companies advice and methodological tools that will allow them to understand and define an emerging business strategy based on the analysis and understanding of their business environment and their competitors. For the process of strategic understanding and definition of emerging strategy, a diagnosis of Innovation and Competitiveness of the profile of each company was carried out (and designed by ZABALA) that allows analysing and characterizing the situation of companies (knowledge of technologies, business environment, qualities, etc.).

Continuing, the business model canvas was developed with the company. This tool allows companies to reorder business models or part of them and propose them in a structured way.
For the content of Analysis and understanding of the new market and based on the SWOT analysis, a Technological Roadmap was developed, which tried to reflect the paths that will guide the company from its current position to the desired destination, and in the context of the strategy.

Together with the Roadmap, the results of a technological prospective analysis carried out by ZABALA were prepared and presented, with the aim of offering a vision of the potential impact that companies may be subjected.
A recognition of the company’s hidden assets was also elaborated, using: Value Curve, Eric Matrix and PEC Map. Finally, a competitive intelligence analysis was carried out with the organization, where information from the companies that were part of the competition was gathered and analyzed, in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses and thus anticipate the actions of the competitors.

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