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Transport produces approximately 25% of total CO2 emissions in the EU. Despite considerable efforts to enhance efficiency, the mobility sector faces an escalating demand and remains the only sector that has failed to reduce CO2 emissions in the EU. In this context, batteries play a crucial role in decarbonizing light-duty transport (cars and vans) and have potential applications in heavy-duty transport (trucks, trains, ships, planes) and non-road machinery (construction, agriculture, mining). Their contribution is key to the electrification of the transport sectorm which is necessary for achieving the EU’s decarbonization and energy security objectives. However, significant technical and non-technical challenges persist, including cost, energy density, power capability, and the lifespan of energy storage systems.


To face this challenge, NEXTBAT will provide a new framework for standardization of the next generation battery system design that will contribute to speed up a safe and sustainable electrification of transport and mobile applications in the EU, thereby also contributing to meet the EU CO2 reduction target and to reach a climate neutral economy by 2050. NEXBAT will significantly contribute to decrease the carbon footprint of the innovative battery system by decreasing production costs thanks to the high recyclability capacity of both hardware and cells components introduced along the production chain.


Thanks to the new technologies developed within the NEXTBAT framework, the battery system performances will be enhanced (energy/power density increase by 30-50%) with decreasing battery weight by 25% using a newly developed lightweight material. Battery management systems will be incorporated at the cell and system unit allowing to increase battery lifetime by up to 20%.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 101103983.

Cristina Catalina

“NEXTBAT works towards new industry standards for the European battery sector”

Cristina Catalina

Senior Consultant

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