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HELENA responds to the need of the development of a safe, novel high energy efficiency and power density solid state battery (4b generation batteries) cells, based on high capacity Ni-rich cathode (NMC), high-energy Li metal (LiM) anode and Li-ion superionic halide solid electrolyte for application in electric vehicles and, especially in aircrafts.


HELENA will avoid dependence on Asia for battery production. HELENA is built by a multidisciplinaryand highly research experienced consortium that covers the whole battery value chain and proposes a disruptive halidebased solid-state cell technology with the overall aim to significantly increase the adoption of these batteries on aircraftsand EVs The technical challenges that are presented by current conventional battery technology and the consumer needswill be overcome


HELENA consortium has designed an ambitious pathway that will ensure that the 24 HELENA results  will contribute to all Expected Outcomes specified in the topic during and within 4 years after the project, and to the Expected Impacts identified in Destination 2 in a long-term. To successfully achieve this, the pathway will be supported by well targeted D&C&E measures , aimed at specific Target Audience (TA), and defined to face the main barriers identified.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 101069681.

Francesc Fabrega

“HELENA is born to boost the European high-performance solid-state battery industry”

Francesc Fabrega


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HELENA achieves its first major milestone with the assembly of a complete solid-state battery cell with halide electrolyte

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