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MAGICIAN will take on the challenge producing a modular automation solution in which robots are used to detect and rework production defects before the last production phases commence and the aesthetics of the product is finalised. The project will produce two robotic solutions, one for defect analysis (the SR) and one for the defects’ rework (the CR). The SR and the CR can be used separately, with the humans remaining in charge of some of the activities, or in combination, with the CR operating on the defects identified by the SR.


The project will produce two robotic solutions, one for defect analysis (the SR) and one for the defects’ rework (the CR). The solution will be developed adopting a human-centered approach, which will allow us to evaluate the impact of the innovation on the production processes and remove the most important asperities along this path. The effectiveness of the solution will be tested on a use-case, and its generality proven by recruiting additional contributors and use-cases through a FSTP scheme.


MAGICIAN will generate research and human-centred processes in automation/robotics that considers effects and potential impacts on the workers and society. The impacts will be: Scientifically, new robotics components and interfaces advance industrial capabilities; Technologically, improved collaboration boosts productivity and quality; Societally, the enhancement of working conditions and revitalizing industrial districts.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 101120731.

Margherita Volpe

“MAGICIAN promises a new era of safer and impeccable production processes.”

Margherita Volpe

Security, Space & Defence Knowledge Area Leader

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