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‘IntSen2′, the innovative defence solution with EDF funding, takes off


Artificial intelligence and European space assets come together in the ‘IntSen2′ project, an innovative satellite initiative led by the Navarrese public company Tracasa Instrumental, in which Zabala Innovation is participating with its proven experience in European projects.

This space observation technology proposal will receive 3.28 million euros in funding from the European Defence Fund (EDF), and will be developed in 2023 and 2024.

The consortium to define and implement this project is made up of eleven partners from seven countries (Spain, which leads the project; Italy, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands, Greece and Austria). And within this partnership, Zabala Innovation accompanies Tracasa Instrumental in the management and coordination of ‘IntSen2’, leading the dissemination and communication tasks and also participating in the tasks of exploitation of the project results and some tasks of validation of these results.

IntSen2, imagery intelligence

Imagery intelligence (IMINT) is the basis of this project, which will lay the foundations for the creation of strategic European security and monitoring service using images from the Sentinel satellites and artificial intelligence.

The research consortium will use images from the European Union’s Sentinel satellites – initially for environmental purposes – and artificial intelligence techniques to develop an image intelligence application concept, which will provide the basis for the creation of strategic European security and monitoring service. The whole proposal will be based exclusively on European space assets, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the EU’s autonomy in security and defence.