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The strategic LIFE eCOadapt50 project, presented by Zabala Innovation, chosen among the eight to be financed by the EC

LIFE eCOadapt50

The LIFE Programme has chosen eight strategic projects that will receive a total funding of 116 million euros, and among them is LIFE eCOadapt50, presented by our consultancy and coordinated by the Diputació de Barcelona.

This strategic Spanish project will be funded with 11.6 million euros, out of an eligible budget of 18.6 million euros, and over eight years will raise awareness on climate change adaptation by involving businesses and administrations in local climate change adaptation strategies.

LIFE eCOadapt50 will accompany seven other large projects in Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Finland to achieve their environment and climate objectives.

LIFE eCOadapt50 and vulnerable territories

The LIFE eCOadapt50 project aims to increase the resilience of the economic sectors most vulnerable to climate change in 19 territories in Catalonia and in four economic activities: tourism, fishing, forestry and agriculture/livestock. With its implementation through training and awareness-raising among all the agents involved, it aims to contribute to the proposals of the European Green Deal and to promote the creation of a Western Mediterranean Network for adaptation to climate change.

The choice of this project among so many candidates ratifies the great track record of Zabala Innovation with the LIFE Programme initiatives, as in recent years it has managed to have more than thirty of its proposals successfully funded. “At Zabala Innovation we have contributed by providing assistance and support to the Barcelona Provincial Council in the coordination and preparation of the proposal. It was a communication and organisational challenge, involving two partner organisations and 24 partners, each with different strategies and plans. Some of the ingredients to achieve this success have been a good organisation to meet the dates and objectives, an effective strategy and planning and a clear and fluid communication between all the agents involved. Not to mention the involvement and commitment shown by all partners,” says Jaume Cot, European project leader at Zabala Innovation.