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Cascade funding

Apply to the Open Calls for cascade funding

financiación en cascada

Do you know cascade funding? It is a simplified public funding opportunity designed for small businesses. This type of funding is a mechanism of the European Commission to distribute public funds to support start-up, SMEs or mid-cap companies, mainly through the development of digital innovation. At ZABALA Innovation, we organise and manage several cascade funding projects, if you are interested, please contact our team!

Below, we detail the different calls for cascading funding to which you can apply:


Description: support to test the solutions developed by the Trinity partners or your own novel solutions to contribute to agile production in European SMEs and slightly bigger companies.

Trinity is a network of multidisciplinary and synergistic local digital innovation hubs (DIHs) composed of research centers, companies, and university groups that cover a wide range of topics that can contribute to agile production: advanced robotics as the driving force and digital tools, data privacy and cybersecurity technologies to support the introduction of advanced robotic systems in the production processes.

Maximum funding request per proposal: up to 200.000€
Eligibility and consortia: SME-led transnational consortia of 2–3 partners (SMEs and slightly bigger companies)
Deadline: 1 June 2021
Website: Trinity


Description: to contribute to a resilient, trustworthy and sustainably open internet. Discovery and identification technologies allow us to search and access large heterogeneous data sources and services. This not just includes sifting through documents and multi-media content, make rich structured information available but also the ability to conjure up real-time information from embedded sensors on devices.

In order to cope with the resulting wealth of information, users can be supported by means like contextual querying and personalised information retrieval. Search, discovery and discoverability are basic infrastructural needs for the daily lives of humans of all ages, and we would like to put powerful new technology in the hands of future generations as building blocks for a fair and democratic society and an open economy that benefits all. If the internet is the equivalent of a global brain, we need creativity and diversity in the pathways across that brain to unlock its true potential.

Maximum funding request per proposal: 50.000€
Eligibility and consortia: The application is open to all; applications are available for individuals or as a formal or informal organisation of any type. Or even a collaboration of the two.
Deadline: 1 June 2021
More information: Discovery


Description: KYKLOS4.0 is looking for innovative solutions to improve digital manufacturing processes and addressing one or more of the following sub-domains: Cyber-physical systems, Product lifecycle management, Life cycle analysis, Augmented reality, Artificial intelligence, Circular manufacturing, Big data and data management, Deep learning and Decision support systems.

Maximum funding request per proposal: up to €150.000 (for consortia of three entities). Limit of 60.000€ per entity.
Eligibility and consortia: consortia of 2-3 entities, including at least one SME and an industrial partner. The consortium submitting a proposal must be led by an SME. The lead SME must be a technology integrator and the industrial partner will serve as a pilot location for the developed solution to be validated and demonstrated.
Deadline: 30 June 2021
Website: Kylos 4.0

4. IMPACT EdTech Open Call

Description:  to bring innovative digital education solutions into the market. Proposed solutions must fall within one of these 2 strands:

(A) School EdTech solutions: aims to support solutions that demonstrate a clear vision for the pedagogical use of ICT aimed at transforming education models at the level of formal (school-based) compulsory education. The solutions selected must serve to make education more inclusive, support personalised learning or support skills development of children and/or teachers.

(B) EdTech solutions for any age group and/or level of education: targets Business to Consumer (B2C) content-based solutions open to any age group and level of education, outside formal, school-based compulsory education. Strand B is looking for solutions that can disrupt the current EdTech market patterns and break the barriers to any learners through emerging technologies.

Maximum funding request per proposal: up to 197.388€
Eligibility and consortia: SMEs. All applicants should have a team composed of at least two members with proven business, technical (technology/product development) and pedagogical (experience in the educational field, not necessarily teaching) capabilities. At least one of these members should work full time on the solution proposed.
Deadline: 30 June 2021 at 13:00 CEST
Website: Impact EdTech