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Water4All2023 and BiodivNBS, two calls for proposals to strengthen environmental ecosystems


The improvement of aquatic ecosystems and well-being within biodiversity are the focus of two interesting calls for funding that you cannot miss: Water4All2023 and BiodivNBS.

Both have a mid-November deadline for pre-proposals, so there is plenty of time to apply for grants (36 million euros for Water4All2023 and 40 million euros for BiodivNBS).

“Although the eligibility criteria for each country must be met, we believe these calls can be an excellent opportunity to obtain funding. The two-phase submission makes it easier to redistribute the effort in the preparation of the proposal”, says Maite Zazpe, leader of the Environment area in European projects at Zabala Innovation.


This transnational call launched by the Water4all partnership focuses on aquatic ecosystems, including inland surface water, groundwater, transitional waters and coastal waters, with water security as one of its main goals.

Research and innovation proposals submitted must address at least one of the following themes:

  • Mapping, monitoring and assessment for a better understanding of ecosystem services in a context of change, from local to global change.
  • Understanding and predicting multiple stresses (including anthropogenic) and impact-response relationships on ecosystem services through advanced methods and techniques.
  • New tools and solutions for better integration of ecosystem services in water resources management.

To access the 36 million-euro funding of the Water4All2023 call, the deadline for pre-proposal submission is 13 November. Pre-proposals will be selected by the end of February 2024, and 29 April is the deadline for submitting full proposals. Projects should last 36 months and start no later than early 2025.


This call launched by the Biodiversa+ partnership aims to support transnational research projects submitted by consortia of at least three countries. These initiatives should address one or more of the following themes:

  • Synergies and trade-offs of nature-based solutions in the context of human well-being.
  • Nature-based solutions to mitigate anthropogenic causes of biodiversity loss.
  • Contribution of nature-based solutions to just transformative change.

This call has a budget of 40 million euros and marks all areas (terrestrial, marine, coastal and freshwater) as eligible.

The pre-proposal deadline is 10 November, with full proposals due 9 April 2024. As with Water4All, funded projects must last 36 months.

“Our consultancy can help identify eligibility conditions, identify partners and support the preparation of both phases of the proposal (pre-proposal and full proposal),” concludes Maite Zazpe.