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Cascade Funding: everything you need to know

webinar cascade funding

Cascade funding, also known as Financial Support to Third Parties, is a mechanism of the European Commission to distribute public funds in smaller amounts and in a more agile way. Its main objective is to support specific aspects such as the incorporation of novel technologies, promotion of start-ups, promotion of pioneering sectors, etc.

The main objective of this funding method is to simplify administrative procedures with the applicant entities, mostly SMEs and startups, thus allowing some projects funded by the European Union to publish, in turn, open calls for more funds.

Therefore, from Zabala Innovation in collaboration with our smart tool Kaila, we have organized a webinar to teach the keys to access these opportunities.

When and where?

On Wednesday 13 December at 10.00 a.m., on our GoToWebinar platform, sign up here!

Topics to be covered in the Webinar

Sara Mateo, leader of the area of Entrepreneurship in European projects and responsible for cascade funding, will develop the following topics to clarify the opportunities presented by this type of financing:

  • What is cascade funding: We will explore in depth the concept of cascade funding and how this unique approach can benefit your project.
  • Common features of the calls for proposals: We will analyse the calls for proposals and highlight the key features you need to be aware of when preparing your proposal. Get insider information on the requirements and criteria that are often a priority for funders.
  • Cascade funding opportunities of interest: We will present cascading funding opportunities that have captured the attention of the entrepreneurial and innovative community. Discover how these opportunities can align perfectly with your goals and aspirations.
  • Sources to monitor these opportunities: We will provide detailed guidance on reliable sources to continuously monitor cascading funding opportunities. Stay updated on new calls for proposals and make sure you don’t miss out on any valuable opportunities.


Kaila’s contribution

Kaila is our intelligent platform that integrates up to 65 European public data sources and offers different functionalities to facilitate innovation management in all types of organisations.

Aránzazu Albistur, responsible for the Kaila platform, will explain in a practical and didactic way how the tool allows to filter existing cascade funding opportunities by technological area, so that each entity can find them in the fastest and most effective way possible.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the webinar and register here!