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ZABALA reaches € 500 M return on European projects during the 2014-2019 period

The results of the latest calls reinforce our leadership position: one year after completing Horizon 2020, the return obtained by ZABALA for its clients already exceeds that of the previous framework program of the European Commission.

As reported last June regarding the returns in Horizon 2020 during the 2014-2018 period, Spain already exceeded the subsidy record it obtained in the VII Framework Program (FP7). Furthermore, at that time, ZABALA was already listed as the third SME in Spain for returns obtained in H2020. With the results of the latest Horizon 2020 2019, ZABALA, can confirm a further increase in returns for its customers, bringing the total figure to over 500 million euros.

With one year to go before the end of the current European framework program for research and innovation, ZABALA Innovation Consulting record of 500 million in returns obtained during FP7, can already be considered as fully surpassed. This means that the consultancy has already managed to obtain more than 1 billion euros of financing for its clients in 10 years of participation in European programs.

Triple the average success rate in submitting proposals

The impressive return obtained is testament to a job well done. Not surprisingly, since 2014, ZABALA Innovation Consulting has submitted more than 800 full proposals to European programs, and of the proposals so far evaluated no less than 250 proposals have been funded, which implies a financing rate of 35%, which means practically triple the European approval average, located around 11%.