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Cooperation between H2020 and the IF: The need for a coordinated, facilitated and monitored collaboration between H2020 and the IF funding schemes. Technology deployment: Need for the deployment of the technologies researched through H2020, and further deployment of innovative technologies towards the reduction of GHG emissions. Continuity: Long-term research needs continuity to further develop the innovation pipeline and hence benefit Europe and contribute to the achievements of the EU goals such as RePowerEU and the Green Deal.


The project has selected 3 promising H2020 projects: HyPSTER (STORENGY), HEROES (BEYONDER) and MELODY (ELESTOR) which are fostering innovative hydrogen and energy storage solutions. H2IF will assess their technical and financial readiness, identifying any gaps and outlining a roadmap and strategy for Innovation Fund proposal preparation. With ultimate aim to successfully prepare strong Innovation Fund applications based on the R&I results obtained in the 3 H2020 projects.


Contribution to innovation scale-up and further energy storage and hydrogen technologies development. Further collaborations between researchers and industrial partners. Clear and concise recommendations and processes for proposals development. Attraction of new industrial stakeholders and knowledge awareness increase about EU funding mechanisms.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 101137734

Margot Delestre

“H2IF is fostering the continuity of support for European innovation by promoting results from H2020 projects to become future mature market-ready solutions”

Margot Delestre

Consultant specialised in LIFE projects

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EU-funded project H2IF kicks off on 23 January in Brussels, Belgium

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