LIFE ReLiGHT project
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Capital Energy and second life batteries in hybrid renewable generation plants

Climate, Natural Resources and Environment

Extending the life of lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles by 10 years for reuse as energy storage in wind and solar farms. This is the main objective of ReLiGHT, a project led by the energy company Capital Energy and co-financed through LIFE, the only European programme dedicated exclusively to promoting innovation related to the environment. The use of these second-life batteries will allow the development of a new type of renewable hybrid plant that will be able to supply energy even when clean sources are not available. In this way, the use of conventional sources will be avoided. When the batteries also reach the end of their extended life cycle, they will be recycled.

“For us, innovation is a fundamental pillar in the energy transition, and this is the meeting point with Zabala Innovation, a benchmark in the financing and management of R&D projects,” says Rocío Palomino, energy storage specialist at Capital Energy and coordinator of LIFE ReLiGHT. The energy company and the consultancy firm have been collaborating for about three years on battery energy storage and renewable hydrogen projects in both Spanish and European funding programmes.

“As far as LIFE ReLiGHT is concerned, Zabala Innovation has accompanied us from the preparation of the proposal until now in its coordination, ensuring that we meet the objectives set in time and form,” says Palomino. “We are proud to collaborate with a company with which we share values such as commitment, flexibility and teamwork,” she adds.



With an EU contribution of around €4.7 million out of an eligible budget of around €7.8 million, LIFE ReLiGHT will develop a 5.6 MW/11.2 MWh second life energy storage system, which will be validated at the La Herrada renewable plant (Albacete, Spain), currently under construction. The plant, owned by Capital Energy, will have a 52.2 MW wind farm and a 76.5 MWp photovoltaic plant.

The actions will be carried out along the entire battery value chain, including the reception of modules from different manufacturers and with different characteristics, their testing and classification, the assembly of new battery packs and the development of a containerised storage system, the development of the control and energy management system, the integration of the storage system in the renewable energy plant, the replacement of the batteries at the end of their useful life and the final recycling.

In a steadily growing European market for lithium-ion batteries – with an estimated annual growth rate of 59% until 2025 – the implementation of LIFE ReLiGHT will result in a reduction of 102 tonnes of waste. The efficient operation and management of the renewable plant through this system will reduce primary energy use by 2.2 GWh/year and avoid the emission of 1182 tonnes of CO2eq/year. LIFE ReLiGHT – which will run until the third quarter of 2029 – will also demonstrate the profitability of three circular economy business models: arbitrage services and the use of surplus renewable generation, energy balancing services and the capacity market.

“We look forward to continuing to grow with Zabala Innovation in this and other projects that will enable us to transform the world through innovation and sustainability,” concludes Palomino.

Rocío Palomino

“We are proud to collaborate with a company with which we share values such as commitment, flexibility and teamwork”

Rocío Palomino

Coordinator of LIFE ReLiGHT

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