35 years sowing the future together

Zabala Innovation made a commitment to the future on October 30th. To celebrate its 35th anniversary in style, the company held an open day at its headquarters in Mutilva. The threat of rain did not materialize and the nearly 300 attendees were able to enjoy a very special morning together.

We met again

There was a great desire among the families to revisit the offices, after the restrictions suffered as a result of Covid-19, and to be able to appreciate the workplace of the mothers and fathers employed at the company. On the occasion of this special date, a drawing contest was organized among the children, and the open day was an opportunity to see the display of creativity, techniques and enthusiasm of the 68 participating drawings. The Zabala staff also remembered the less fortunate, and many boxes were filled with toys, clothes and non-perishable food to donate to the ACOES Navarra Association.

In addition, the Zabala team took part in a sustainable initiative, in keeping with the spirit of the company: the planting of 35 trees in the vicinity of the Mutilva headquarters. Following the instructions of a fun animator, oak, ash and maple trees were planted with the help of tutors, with the idea of seeing how they grow over the years and become strong and leafy trees (a symbol of the path that awaits the company in the years to come).

The time capsule

Two of the company’s employees, Ainhoa Aguerre and Igor Idareta, were in charge of planting a very special oak tree. Together with its roots, they inserted a time capsule that will serve to remember this day in the future. In the buried box were placed objects referring to the 35th anniversary celebration, such as the list of those attending the planting, the name of the winner of the drawing contest and a Polaroid photo with all the people present at the event.

In addition, objects such as a corporate mask, a notebook and pen with the company logo, an invoice, the first business card printed in the company and a 128 megabyte memory with three projects were placed in the capsule.

Afterwards, the attendees enjoyed a delicious snack in the Mutilva pelota court with children’s entertainment.

A gift was also given to all the participants in the drawing contest, and the name of the winner, Enara Gomes Samitier, was revealed. Her colorful work, Innovation tree, depicts a sturdy tree on a background of different shades of watercolor, in an allegory of innovation, the driving force of the company.

You can see all the photos of the event:

A chain of plantations

The 35th anniversary was a festive day in which the good atmosphere prevailing in the company and the desire to continue consolidating a project for the future together were once again evident.

This commitment to the future is collective, since the planting of trees has also been carried out in other Zabala Innovation sites around the world. In them, different native species were planted in an open day in which we could finally share moments of connection without masks.

Our colleagues in Valencia planted an aquatic pachira on a very festive day and enjoyed a delicious picnic in the forest.

The same beautiful tree was planted in Barcelona, where the children enjoyed a great children’s entertainment!

Our Brussels team also spent a wonderful day in nature, working together on the planting and playing fun games…

The Zabala team in Seville also came together on a wonderful day to plant an olive tree, a symbol of the strength and solidity of the company and the strong relationships that develop within it.

In Madrid, our Zabala colleagues also left their green footprint in the forest!

The Vigo team enjoyed a lovely and sunny day of celebration!

Despite of the horrible weather, in Bilbao the Zabala team planted two oak trees, a symbol of the company’s resilience and commitment.

We count on you to continue creating a team together!