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GO-GRASS will develop a new circular and integrated agri-food system whose main application will be in grasslands, tested on a small scale. It will provide business models for entrepreneurs and local authorities, with innovative technologies and processes and tools applicable in 4 European regions. For this, all social, economic and environmental circumstances in rural areas have been considered.


To cope with rapid resource depletion, environmental pressure and climate change, private and public sector entrepreneurs must change their approach to production, consumption, transformation, storage, resource recycling and waste disposal. Rural areas cover more than 50% of Europe’s surface area and are home to more than 20% of its population.


GO-GRASS will select grassland cultivation as an agri-food system to develop valuable biotechnological processes and end products. These new processes will represent a cost-effective alternative to the products and services traditionally obtained from grasslands, including animal feed, biomass for bioenergy or landscape conservation, becoming a driver for small-scale rural economy.


GO-GRASS will consolidate the biotechnology sector, leveraging regional assets, diversifying and revitalising the economy and providing quality jobs and opportunities in rural areas. In addition, the production and use of bio-based products that replace existing fossil fuel-based alternatives, such as fertilisers or bio-based packaging, can have a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions from agri-food systems on a European scale.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 862674.

Ana Bascones

“GO-GRASS seeks to unlock the potential of grass biomass for a new range of biotechnology-based products and case-specific business models to be developed in rural areas.”

Ana Báscones

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