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The misinformation, challenge in the MediaFutures last open call

Media Futures Project

MediaFutures has opened its third and last call managed by Zabala Innovation and will close at 10:00 am (CEST) the 30th of August 2022.

This open call addresses the challenge of online misinformation and disinformation in different domains and seeks to support novel, unconventional ways for people to engage with journalism, science, and democracy, using approaches and tools from the arts, technology, and innovation.

In the third and final challenge, they are looking for creative and impactful ideas which address the issues of online misinformation and disinformation in different domains.

Considerations in MediaFutures

These ideas should help counteract the negative effects of misinformation and disinformation across society and help build trust in scientific and democratic institutions. MediaFutures support programme is looking for artists and startups eager to reshape the media value chain through innovative, inclusive, and participatory applications of data and user-generated content.

And also that are interested in supporting projects that actively engage citizens through co-design, user testing, or other participatory processes that give them a stake in their development.

This open call will take into consideration the applications that offer new approaches to support underrepresented groups and their public representation, such as refugees, ethnic minorities, the LGBTQ+ community, those with disabilities; or lower-middle income countries.

To demonstrate the viability of the project, applicants should have a clear outline for the data they will require, including feasible strategies to access these data both technically and legally within the timeframe of the six-months.

About MediaFutures

MediaFutures, a Media Data Hub that brings together startups, SMEs, and artists to solve challenges in the media industry. This three-year project, which is funded by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 Programme (the antecessor of Horizon Europe Programme)and the Big Data Innovation Hubs programme, that aims to develop innovative solutions that will impact on quality journalism, science education and democratic processes.

Media Futures will finish its course by having support 51 startups and SMEs, and 43 artists through three calls for different applications, distributing a total of 2.5 million euros.

You can find more information in this link, don’t miss it!