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Kaila, the algorithm that funds your projects


Kaila is a platform that integrates more than 65 European public data sources and offers different functionalities to facilitate the management of innovation in all types of organisations.

Kaila was developed by Zabala Innovation and was created as a tool for internal use to facilitate the work of our teams in the search for European projects. Over time, the technicians themselves and our clients saw the usefulness of the tool, which in turn, led to its launch on the market, with the aim of optimising the exploitation of data that the company gathers from public information. Kaila was launched as part of Zabala Innovation’s digital transformation plan, led by CIO, Javier Morentin.

Kaila’s functionalities

In addition to the identification of opportunities and partners, Kaila enables the analysis of innovation trends and helps users perform competitive and technological surveillance. It provides users access to 170,000 innovators, 100,000 projects and 14,000 funding opportunities.  The platform’s various functionalities and a powerful graphical interface for data visualisation have become a springboard for boosting innovation processes in all types of organisations.

Kaila has two modules that complement each other perfectly. The first, “Analytics,” is a search engine that integrates more than 65 European Open Data sources and embeds them in a single environment. The second module was launched in November 2021: Kaila Wise. This is a recommendation engine that expands the user’s knowledge and offers suggestions based on a sophisticated algorithm. This “smart” engine helps the user discover new funding opportunities, projects and innovators, based on their specific interests. The third module, Kaila Connect, will soon be launched and will allow users to directly connect with other users to share interests.

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