Imminent closure of calls for proposals

We offer you our selection of cascade funding calls that will soon close. There is still time left to participate.

SmartAgriHubs – SERVICE

One or more Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) shall develop and/or deliver and validate their function as a service provider, helping agri-food companies and related stakeholders to become more competitive by improving their business, products and/or production processes.

Maximum funding request per proposal: 50,000-200,000€.

Elegibility and consortia: one or more DIHs as a service provider.

Closing date: 29 June.


This is a call to raise efficiency and competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. Activities such as prototyping, testing, demonstrating, piloting, large-scale product validation, technical consultancy, market replication and other services can be funded. Categories: INNOVATION SUPPORT (Testing and validating Industry 4.0 solutions [TRL 5-7]) and GO-TO-MARKET SUPPORT (Innovative solutions demonstration and scalability [TRL 8-9]).

Maximum funding request per proposal: individual applicant: up to 60,000€ per project – Innovation Scheme and up to 30,000€ -Go-to-Market Scheme. And two or more applicants: up to 120,000€ per project – Innovation Scheme and up to 60,000€ – Go-to-Market Scheme.

Elegibility and consortia: SME applicants (individual or in partnership) acting as Industry 4.0 technology service providers.

Closing date: 29 June.


In this first open call  the objective is the development and implementation of demonstration activities around challenges linked to different types of lightweight materials (polymer-based composites, ceramic matrix composites, and light metal alloys) for four industrial markets: automotive, aero-space & aeronautics, energy, and building.

Maximum funding request per proposal: up to 120,000€  per project.

Elegibility and consortia: consortia of 2 or 3 SMEs.

Closing date: 30 June.


This call for proposals aims to support SMEs and the development of new products, processes, or services for Green Offshore Production and Transport. It will provide Direct financial support to SMEs through a competitive Call of Proposal for innovation projects in relevant topics; and a range of dedicated and tailored Business Support Services to the winner SMEs.

Maximum funding request per proposal: up to 60,000 €.

Elegibility and consortia: SMEs and Start-ups which are members of one of the GreenOffshoreTech CLUSTER or established in one of the GreenOffshoreTech REGION.

Closing date: 6 July.


This call provides cloud infrastructure for OCRE Cloud Framework holders. They are expected to collaborate with OCRE cloud suppliers to draft a proposal on the impact that cloud-based digital services will have in their related activities and outcomes and advance European research.

Maximum funding request per proposal: up to €500,000.

Elegibility and consortia: all OCRE Cloud Framework holders who were awarded OCRE Framework contracts in the EU/UK lots in the 2020 tender process.

Closing date: 7 July.


This call targets smaller community projects to show cross-disciplinary implementation and take up of RDA Recommendation and Outputs within the EOSC context. Existing standards for the interoperability of data, one of the core functions of RDA (Research Data Alliance), should be tested and adapted for use across disciplines in the EOSC environment, thus widening EOSC engagement and adoption of cross-disciplinary research best practices.

Maximum funding request per proposal: up to €50,000.

Elegibility and consortia: being currently involved in RDA as an active member.

Closing date: 11 July.


For those working in development and application activities in the fields of Blockchain, Semantic Web, Ontology Engineering, Software Engineering, Cloud, Edge and Fog Computing, Ecosystem Economy, Smart Applications, Cryptography, Standardisation and similar, the call will select:

·         Up to 3 projects to complete the missing blocks of the ONTOCHAIN infrastructure

·         Up to 11 projects to Exploit the ONTOCHAIN infrastructure, for real life use cases.

Maximum funding request per proposal: up to €119 500.

Elegibility and consortia: Internet technologists, researchers, developers and innovators. Applicants can apply as individuals or linked to a legal entity.

Closing date: 25 July.


InterConnect is looking for Bottom-up projects that will develop and test novel Interoperable applications or services for smart homes and grids, with a clear societal and economic value, on top of the InterConnect’s Interoperability Framework. These highly innovative projects should aim to build a more comfortable and healthier living space at lower costs and enable their active participation in the energy system and market.

Maximum funding request per proposal: up to €150 000.

Elegibility and consortia: Single SMEs.

Closing date: 26 July.


The TTE experiment is an end-user-relevant case study applicable to laser-based equipment for the Advanced and Additive Manufacturing market. Selected Experiments will take part in a 13-month support programme that will start in 2023 through which they will receive: up to 150000 euros per experiment; a full set of technical and business mentoring services to scale up the experiments; media exposure and access to private and public funding.

Maximum funding request per proposal: up to 150,000 €.

Elegibility and consortia: any applicant.

Closing date: 29 July.


A call for adoption of innovative AI-solutions to the business operations of SMEs. There are two groups with different topics. In group A, manufacturing Data Spaces and Data4AI pipelines and AI for Manufacturing Applications and AI-on-demand Platform contributions.

In group B, manufacturing Data Spaces and Data4AI pipelines; AI for Manufacturing Applications and AI-on-demand Platform contributions; and AI Didactic Factories for Manufacturing and TERESA Experimentations.


Maximum funding request per proposal: type A, up to 60 000€; type B, up to 100 000€.

Elegibility and consortia: type A, single SME; type B, mini-consortia (SME + DIH + optional third partner).

Closing date: 29 July.


In this Booster Call 2022, EIT RawMaterials seeks companies developing solutions in the thematic scope of three lighthouses: raw materials and circular societies, Sustainable materials for future mobility, Sustainable discovery and supply.

Maximum funding request per proposal: up to €200,000 per project.

Elegibility and consortia: raw materials relevant start-up or spin-off companies at least registered at the time of application; or raw materials innovation- and technology-related SMEs willing to boost their business through the introduction of new and innovative products and/or services.

Closing date: 5 September 2022.