Imminent closure of calls for proposals

We offer you our selection of cascade funding calls that will soon close. There is still time left to participate.


Support to 40 regions/communities to facilitate the collaborative co-design of climate-resilient visions for the future, engaging with locally led transformative pathways and innovations.

Maximum funding request per proposal: €210,000 (subgrants lasting up to 18 months).

Eligibility and consortia: activities to develop regional pathways, plans and innovation portfolios towards climate resilience building on existing assessments of trends and projections of future climate change risks; activities supporting the process of developing the pathways as specified in the scope topic text including relevant stakeholder engagement and capacity building; activities related to communication, dissemination and exploitation and project management activities.

Deadline: 6th May 2024.

Icaerus Push

Second call to deliver and exploit drone-related data sets which allow the assessment of technical and non-technical hypotheses or develop ideas, concepts and prototypes, which can then be introduced to the market.

Maximum funding request per proposal: €60,000.

Eligibility and consortia: drone manufacturers, AI and IoT companies, research institutes, start-ups and SMEs exploiting (big) data.

Deadline: 7th May 2024.


This training/services Open call consist of three different strands: the two first ones will allow European SMEs to pursue trainings/services related to Green Transition and Internationalisation and the third one – the International mission support scheme – will help SMEs in attending the PIMAP4Sustainability Japan mission that will take place in June 2024.

Maximum funding request per proposal: any support services increasing the resilience, €5,000; training / support/consultancy services for boosting internationalisation, €10,000; support to attend a PIMAP4Sustainability international mission, €2,000.

Eligibility and consortia: SMEs with activities covered by the NACE code 2 classification.

Deadline: 10th May 2024.

Ready2Scale Accelerator

Know-how on how to become investment-ready and therefore build the fundraising capacity of digital and deep tech (DDT) start-ups. The selected 25 DDT start-ups will also benefit from tailored training on how to get funding through the EIC and other European programs. It has a focus on startups from the widening countries, however it should be noted that the startups from other non-widening countries are not excluded from the call.

Maximum funding request per proposal: €60,000.

Eligibility and consortia: start-ups must fulfil at least one of the following criteria: be digital and deep tech start-ups that have received support from the EIC for supporting their scaleup process in Europe; or digital and deep tech startups not yet supported by the EIC, that have already received private investment or EU funding (e.g., under Horizon Europe or the Digital Europe program).

Deadline: 15th May 2024.


Open call to support researchers engaging in or developing Open Data Research by conducting science projects that facilitate and foster sharing research data and results based on FAIR principles. Proposals that develop and/or make available services or tools (software; hardware; middleware; protocols; standards; benchmarks; documentation and training/mentoring materials; activities and resources), which enable Open Research in a field.

Maximum funding request per proposal: €100,000-250,000.

Eligibility and consortia: research infrastructures, universities, institutes, consortia as well as individual researchers.

Deadline: 15th May 2024.

Hungry EcoCities

Industrial end-user/SMEs from the agri-food sector and up to 10 artists that jointly will work on AI enabled use scenario prototypes and awareness-raising artworks that make the food chain more transparent, inclusive, and sustainable; build connections between different stakeholders in the food chain: and promote more informed and sustainable consumption patterns.

Maximum funding request per proposal: €45,000 euros (artists will receive separate funding up to €36,000; maximum funding for two entities up to €81,000).

Eligibility and consortia: SMEs from the agri-food sector interested in exploring art-technology experimentation to improve their product/services.

Deadline: 15th May 2024.

NGI Sargasso

Third open call to provide support to EU MS and Associated Countries entities that would like to collaborate in research projects, aimed at developing a more human-centric and sustainable internet, within the Next Generation Internet field, with US and/or Canadian entities. Proposals submitted could use some of the following base technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and DLTs, Data, Cybersecurity, 6G and novel networks, IoT (Internet of Things), Open-source hardware and software, novel software architectures, etc.

Maximum funding request per proposal: three-month experiment, €50,000; six-month experiment, €75,000; nine-month experiment, €100,000. The maximum amount of funding that can be granted to a single organization for all NGI Sargasso calls combined cannot exceed €150,000, except from large organisations such as RTOs and universities, which maximim is €500,000.

Eligibility and consortia: universities, RTOs and research centers, NGOs and foundations, and SMEs and startups.

Deadline: 15th May 2024.

Women TechEU

To ignite the potential of women-led early stage start-ups in deep tech. 160 talented women entrepreneurs from across the European Union and Horizon Europe associated countries will be receiving direct support. With 75,000 euros grant (non-diluting finance) and a personalized business development programme.

Maximum funding request per proposal: €75,000.

Eligibility and consortia: early-stage deep tech start-ups founded, or co-founded, by women holding a top management position (CEO, CTO or equivalent). Women should hold at least 25% of the shares in the company at the time of submission. The company must be registered and established in an EU Member State or a Horizon Europe Associated Country for at least six months at the time of opening of the call and a maximum of eight years.

Deadline: 20th May 2024.


Support for Offshore Renewable Energy SMEs targeting to enter markets in United Kingdom or United States of America or Australia, such as flights and accommodations for a business visit in the target country, cost for support of a service provider of the  SME’s choice to establish contacts in the target country, or participation to a dedicated event in the  target country.

Maximum funding request per proposal: €3,000.

Eligibility and consortia: SMEs in the offshore renewable energy value chain.

Deadline: 20th May 2024.


Open call to strengthen European leadership in 6G technologies by enabling next-generation XR services and infrastructures that will provide beyond-state-of-the-art validation platform for various 6G-use cases by developing enablers for networking and computing, radio access technologies beyond 5G, enablers for XR services with in-build federation, trial management, abstraction tools as well as energy measurement frameworks.

Maximum funding request per proposal: €60,000.

Eligibility and consortia: Horizon Europe, single party only.

Deadline: 22nd May 2024.


SMEs working in polymers & elastomers industries on recycling solutions will receive funding to participate between one to three full-days -to a networking event organised in Europe (Business/ trade fairs & exhibitions, conferences, conventions and forums, matchmaking events) to build international connections between companies, academic and R&D centres in and outside the polymer industry. Extra support is offered for international match-making mission sub-grant in Quebec.

Maximum funding request per proposal: €500 for one-day-attendance, €1,000 for two-days-attendance and €1,500 for three-days-attendance.

Eligibility and consortia: SMEs working in polymers & elastomers industries on recycling solutions (mechanical, chemical and digitalisation of process & traceability) from various sectors: transport and mobility, construction, renewable energy, digital and electronics, health, consumer goods, industrial and food packaging.

Deadline: 22nd May 2024.


First open call to develop and test a wide variety of  collaborative telepresence applications between remote sites over the public Internet.

Maximum funding request per proposal: €200,000.

Eligibility and consortia: the applicant  is eligible for participation in the Horizon Europe programme.

Deadline: 27th May 2024.


Integrate your XR technology in the Master platform and test it with a wide range of end-users. Challenges: safety and ergonomy in workplace ; intuitive robot programming; user-friendly HRI methods.

Maximum funding request per proposal: €150,000 (large entities are 50% funded).

Eligibility and consortia: SMEs, large companies, university/research/education organizations (technology developers in XR, research institutes in the field of XR, technologies educational organisations). The micro-consortia can be composed either by a single entity, which is mandatory to be a single SME applying to the programme, or by multiple independent entities, from which at least one should be an SME who will take the lead, submit the application and coordinate the application.

Deadline: 31st May 2024.


Support up to 47 projects to validate the adoption of circular business models and implement concrete actions towards circular products, processes and services.

Maximum funding request per proposal: small scale projects, €15,000; large scale projects, €50,000.

Eligibility and consortia: SMEs (single applicant or consortium). Circularity assessment: applicants must have completed the circularity assessment using the Up2Circ Circularity Assessment Tool. Enhanced knowledge and expertise in circular economy: applicants must have actively participated in the Up2Circ Academy online learning programme. Active involvement is defined as having completed a minimum of 50% of the Up2Circ Academy e-learning modules.

Deadline: 31st May 2024.


This call offers support on activities for social economy SMEs: training (upskilling and reskilling), consultancy and labelling for greening their operations, tailored advisory services to develop local markets, other elements necessary for greening their enterprises (eco certifications, eco packaging, digitalisation and technologies, etc.), additional path of coaching and mentoring (specific coaching and mentoring services are already offered to social economy SMEs through other project activities).

Maximum funding request per proposal: up to €8,715.

Eligibility and consortia: social economy SMEs in agrifood sector.

Deadline: 31st May 2024.


Different supported activities for SMEs in the electromobility sector, through specific open calls for each type: A) mobility lump sum to Mobility and suppliers meeting (MISM) Mission; B) innovation support services; C) products and services development (bottom-up); D) products and services development (industrial battery value chain); E) products and services development (towards zero emission transport).

Maximum funding request per proposal: €60,000 per beneficiary. A) €1,5000, B) €20,000 according to subcontracted service, C) €40,000, D) €40,000, E) €40,000.

Eligibility and consortia: SMEs (individually or in consortium depending on the specific open call).

Deadline: 31st May 2024.


Call 3 of the Financial Grant Programme. Development of an investment project plan to obtain an investment of €5 million or more to develop advanced industrial technologies; an increase of digital readiness level; implementation of management standards; value stream management; new sustainable business models being implemented; sustainable energy and energy efficiency solutions, etc. ; additional services for the investment plan preparation, such as feasibility study, technology audit, due diligence analysis, data collection and analysis for carbon footprint assessment, prototyping, pilot testing, pilot demonstrating; adaptation of business processes; support to use testing facilities; procurement of other specialized consultancy and coaching services related to investment plan preparation.

Maximum funding request per proposal: up to €50 000.

Eligibility and consortia: industrial SMEs that comply with the rules defined by the European Commission and: have 5-250 employees, have less than €50 million annual turnover or less than €43 million annual balance sheet.

Deadline: 31st May 2024.


Support to team up with a public organisation of your choice in a 10-month programme to test, pilot and apply an innovative solution to a concrete challenge in the public domain.

Maximum funding request per proposal: €55,000 for the SME and €10,000 for the public organisation.

Eligibility and consortia: SMEs, currently or previously funded by the European Innovation Council working with a public organisation.

Deadline: 6th June 2024.


Projects proposing innovative solutions to establish a demand-driven Circular Economy solution for fiber-reinforced plastics, emphasizing cost-effective reuse for the creation of high-value products; showing high TRL (>7). To enhance post-use composite product management in the circular economy. The project should focus on one of the three main areas: advancement of materials treatment (input), process improvement (process), and the development of novel solutions for diverse applications (output).

Maximum funding request per proposal: €60,000 euros per legal entity.

Eligibility and consortia: SMEs participating individually or in small consortia (maximum three SMEs) with legal headquarters or operative offices in one of the following EU regions: Basque Country (Spain), Lombardy (Italy), Länsi-Suomi (Finland), Slovenia (Estern and Western), Austria (Upper, Lower and Carinthia), Flemish Brabant (Belgium), Centro (Portugal), Umbria (Italy).

Deadline: 15th July 2024.


Proposals within all disciplines and topics of research, development and innovation in the following areas: 1) light water reactor sustainability; 2) advanced fission reactor concepts; 3) waste and decommissioning; 4) nuclear science applications; 5) advanced nuclear fuels; and 6) innovation in nuclear instrumentation.

Maximum funding request per proposal: two types of applications are possible: Fast-track project, €500,000 euros; Complex project, €1 million.

Eligibility and consortia: research and technology organizations. It is mandatory to be a consortium composed of a user and an infrastructure provider.

Deadline: 30th September 2024.


Ingenious is offering 100 training grants, to help SMEs improve their digital skills, green transition, resilience preparedness and reskilling and upskilling of the workforce.

Maximum funding request per proposal: €60,000 per SME. Applicants can apply only for one training (worth €250).

Eligibility and consortia: individual SMEs.

Deadline: 14th February 2025.


Call to address gaps in our innovation portfolio related to business plans and strategic agendas, as well as respond to external changes such as technological advancements, policies, and urgent events. The 2nd cut-off-related topics and requirements should be announced in October 2024 (two months prior to the deadline). Always, at least the following two mandatory tasks shall be included: to develop a new product/service/solution or significantly improve an existing product/service/solution, reaching full market readiness by the end of the project (TRL 8/9); to conduct a demonstration of the product/service/solution. Additional mandatory/optional tasks may be defined in relation to the different topics, as appropriate.

Maximum funding request per proposal: total EIT funding for this call: €4,2 million euros. A minimum co-funding rate of 33%. However, the co-funding rate may differ from one cut-off to the next. For applicants applying for topics addressing solely RIS countries, a co-funding rate of 20% may apply. Additional co-funding will be positively assessed.

Eligibility and consortia: organisations from Member States of the EU.

Deadline: 31st December 2025.