Imminent closure of calls for proposals

We offer you our selection of cascade funding calls that will soon close. There is still time left to participate.


BD4NRG (Big Data for Next Generation Energy) open call is looking for up to 10 SMEs/Start-ups that will introduce new services by integrating and making use of the services and data offered through the BD4NRG platform. Applicants are asked to submit proposals under one of the following 4 topics with the initiative to promote the development of new tools, services and activities: efficiency and reliability of electricity networks operation improvement; optimisation of grid and distributed assets; energy efficiency investments planning and cross-Cutting applications.

Maximum funding request per proposal: up to 60,000€.

Eligibility and consortia: SMEs/startups.

Deadline: 15 December.


A call to broaden the range of new and innovative IoT applications and devices, which make use of the IntellIoT framework in any of the three domains: Energy (e.g., smart grid, sustainable energy generation & distribution); construction (e.g., green building, safety monitoring, tracking of resources & supply chains) and Smart Cities & related domains (e.g., logistics, smart homes, smart mobility).

Maximum funding request per proposal: up to 60,000€.

Eligibility and consortia: SMEs.

Deadline: 9 January.


This project will develop the concept of a circular economy digital platform in order to create circular business models based on the data-enhanced recovery and reuse of functions and materials. The DigiPrime Open Call will finance proposals expanding the DigiPrime already existing Pilots to connect with sectors/pilots that provide or use materials, as well as components in/from the DigiPrime pilots or to proposals focusing on totally new pilots.

Maximum funding request per proposal: 100,000 euros per each SME, the maximum DigiPrime Contribution per each Consortia of SMEs is 200,000.00 euros.

Eligibility and consortia: SMEs.

Deadline: 10 January.


dRural open call will provide funding and support to provide your service in 4 European rural areas: Extremadura (Spain), Jämtland Härjedalen (Sweden), Dubrovnik-Neretva County (Croatia) and Region Gelderland Midden (The Netherlands) call for innovative services to be included in their dRural marketplace from six strategic arenas: health and Social Care, Tourism, Local Food Systems, Business Development, Transport and Mobility and e-Government.

Maximum funding request per proposal: 5.000-50.000 euros.

Eligibility and consortia: SMEs.

Deadline: 14 January.