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Will you be the next strategic partner in an EU funded project?



With the new Multiannual Financial Framework launched and the soon-to-open calls for Horizon Europe collaborative projects, competition to be part of winning consortia in Europe is going to continue to be very strong. Over 2014-2020, one collaborative proposal out of 8 was funded in Horizon 2020. Nevertheless, it should not discourage any organisation to take the decision to take the next step and start to get involved in European collaborative proposals.

With funding rates between 70 and 100% of costs, Horizon Europe rates are very high, no member States can compete with this level, the rules for state aids are too strict to allow an EU country to provide such level of support for a national project. This is unique and very welcome, this is why competition is high.

Collaborative projects are great as well for any organisation willing to be at the forefront of research and innovation in the world. Horizon Europe funds the best-in-class research and innovation projects, funded projects need to demonstrate that what they plan to undertake over the course of the action have never been done before and goes beyond state-of-the-art.

Another reason to step into the world of collaborative projects may be that your organisation wishes to enlarge its European innovation ecosystem. With collaborative project comprising between 3 to sometimes 20 or more partners, Horizon Europe collaborative projects are a great opportunity to develop cooperation partnerships beyond the project boundaries! This is one of the benefits that participants value the most from collaborative projects.

Within European projects, you find several types of partners: coordinators, work package leader, demonstration leaders, other partners. Starting in horizon Europe as a coordinator might not be easy as it requires a bit of experience, however becoming a strategic partner can be considered if you have an interesting value proposition and if you can dedicate sufficient time.

Becoming a strategic partner will require setting up a full action plan to position your organisation: shape your company presentation and value for EU projects, detect the most relevant coordinators and strategic partners who to introduce you to, take part in Horizon Europe and partnerships events. This activity can be time-consuming particularly if this all new to you. It also requires a certain level of experience.

ZABALA Innovation has developed a specific positioning service to help position those clients who have the objective to become strategic partners in collaborative EU projects. They may step in the future as coordinators of the project or not or remain partners of choice. With that service, we help our clients to define the right strategy, access the right coordinators and strategic partners, take part in the right event where to meet and learn. Our network of contacts acquired through the more than 8000 clients we have already accompanied, our presence in key EU platforms, partnerships and associations and our presence in Brussels allows us to rapidly position our clients within the right circles.

We will be presenting this service in an informational webinar on 12 May from 10 to 10h45. You can register here already.

Do you need support to position in EU collaborative projects? Contact our Brussels office to exchange how we can help you!