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The state of innovation in Europe


The report combines thorough indicator-based macroeconomic analysis with deep analytical research on important policy topics. This is a flagship publication for the Commission’s research and innovation department. New editions will come out every 2 years.

Main findings

Research and innovation play a key role in providing solutions to overcome immediate challenges such as the coronavirus pandemic and making our society more resilient in the longer term.

Europe must address the twin challenges of the green and digital transitions to become a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy. This means that research and innovation policy will need to adapt to ensure that it contributes to sustainability in its broadest sense – social, environmental and economic – while driving EU competitiveness.

Core principles

The five principles guiding research and innovation policy in Europe are

  • working together
  • sharing knowledge
  • turning research into solutions
  • transforming the way we consume and produce
  • setting a clear direction for the future we want

Download the report here.