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Energy transition

The path to a decarbonised and digitised energy system goes through Enlit

Key issues of Enlit Europe 2023

The energy transition is not an individual enterprise, but a collaborative movement. Of all the key issues of Enlit Europe 2023, this was perhaps the one that resonated the most during this great event that brought together representatives from utilities, grid operators, vendors, consultants, start-ups, and system integrators in Paris at the end of last month. In this edition, the different actors in the value chain went through every facet of the energy transition. Zabala Innovation, actively involved in various platforms and projects, contributed to the success of the debates that took place there.

The consultancy led the session Unlocking flexible markets on 28 November, which addressed the need to double the flexibility of the European electricity system by 2030 and explored EU projects such as BeFlexible, among others. Zabala Innovation also fostered collaboration between sister projects of energy data spaces during the session Interoperability Network for Energy Transition (int:net). Here, the discussion focused on the key uses of data spaces and the extent to which they can make the biggest difference compared to traditional energy systems.

On the same day, Zabala Innovation representatives moderated the debate entitled Empowering the Energy Transition. The discussion addressed some critical points, emphasising the EU’s ambition to become a global leader in renewable energy, the delivery of a consumer-centred smart energy system, the maintenance and strengthening of safety in the use of nuclear energy, the implementation and market acceptance related to electrification, capacity building and recycling initiatives, and the crucial role of digitalisation.

“Inspired connections and actions”

On the second day, the consultancy organised the session Reconfiguring Energy Landscapes: The key role of research and innovation for renewable energy sources. The European Technology and Innovation Platforms (ETIP) in different fields of renewable energy (bioenergy, batteries, and hydropower) and the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA), a research partner, were presented. The discussion focused on two priorities of the EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan): achieving efficient renewable technologies integrated into the energy system; and improving the resilience and security of the energy system.

Energetic, an example of a research and innovation project to develop advanced battery management systems, was also presented, demonstrating the key role of battery innovation in the energy transition process.

“The connections made during the event, the inspired actions and the collective evolution we have witnessed in these talks are the driving forces behind Europe’s progress towards a decarbonised and digitised energy future,” underlines Janire García, leader of the European Projects Dissemination and Communication area at Zabala Innovation. “The road may be challenging and uncertain, but clarity of purpose unites us all,” she adds.

Key issues of Enlit Europe 2023

Enlit Europe is an annual event that represents a convergence point for actors in the EU energy system. Here, the role of cooperation offered by the European Commission was particularly evident in the EU Project Zone, a live platform where projects and their representatives came together to highlight their research and innovation work.

The Hub Programme of this initiative covered a wide range of topics, from digitalisation to citizen empowerment, cross-sectoral collaborations, storage issues, energy generation, sustainability, research and innovation, and the SET Plan. The aim was to cover the full spectrum of the energy landscape.

“As we navigate the complex path of the energy transition, Enlit is at the forefront, with a mission to connect industries, inspire action and propel Europe towards a future defined by decarbonisation and digitalisation,” highlights García in describing this event, which will take place next year in Milan, Italy. “Enlit is a collective effort to meet extraordinary individuals, face challenges and seize opportunities that pave the way towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy system,” he concludes.