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Technology Week of the Future 2020: an overview of the FETFX projects

The European Commission, in collaboration with the FETFX project, is organizing the second Technology Week of the Future from 21 to 25 September 2020. In this event, the projects funded by the Pathfinder FET programme will share their findings, results and future innovation paths with the public; it is a vision of what is currently emerging in the European technology sphere and the science that creates the technologies of the future.

FET actions are research projects that look for innovative ways to develop technologies that come from various scientific fields. With the newly-coined EIC Pathfinder Pilot Programme, the European Commission wishes to continue supporting research projects that are in line with FET ideals and has established a substantial funding programme for scientists who wish to turn ideas into innovation.

ZABALA participates as a partner in the FETFX project which aims to help to communicate the projects funded under the FET programme. The objective is to increase the visibility and the impact of the research and to stimulate debate and collaboration among stakeholders through specific community-building and public participation activities.

About the Technology Week of the Future:

The sessions will be organised online, with a website offering activities like a recorded tour of a laboratory, an experiment or a demonstration of a prototype, a webinar, a narrated presentation, a news item, etc. The interested public will also be able to participate through Twitter with the hashtag #EICFTW or the email futuretechweek@fetfx.eu. The questions, comments or session proposals for Future Technology Week 2020 can be done from 13 July.

Last year, 85 FET Pathfinder projects were carried out in research fields such as artificial intelligence and information technology, health and biotechnology, energy and environment, culture and society, and nanotechnology and materials. The 2020 edition is also expected to show contributions in these areas, which are paving the way towards a greener, more resilient and more digital Europe. Future Tech Week will also be part of the European Union’s flagship research event ‘Research & Innovation Days’, which will take place from 22 to 24 September.