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The European Green Week



The European Green Week is an annual opportunity to debate and discuss European environmental policy which attracts policymakers, leading environmentalists, stakeholders and other interested parties from across Europe and around the globe.

The European Green Week 2021 is dedicated to the ‘zero pollution ambition’ and how we can work together to make the ambition for a toxic-free environment a reality.

ZABALA, communication, dissemination and outreach leader in HYDROPOWER EUROPE and CIRCUSOL, organises two #EUGREENWEEK2021 Partner Events.


Hydropower: how to avoid potential pollution sources and to mitigate environmental impacts by innovative measures and concepts

Hydropower has all the technical characteristics to serve as an excellent catalyst for a successful energy transition. Potential pollution sources have to be avoided in a hydropower project from the design to construction to operation to refurbishment and finally decommissioning by the timely implementation of protection and mitigation measures.

The EU Green Week Partner Event will highlight good practice and approaches which help to avoid terrestrial and aquatic pollution and help mitigate harmful impacts. By sharing the interdisciplinary experience, the experts will openly discuss the challenges regarding potential pollution in a narrower sense and environmental as well as social-economic impacts in a wider sense. The roundtable will further consider how innovation can eliminate and/or reduce these sources of pollution and impacts.

The event aims to make a contribution to improving the quality and the continuity of European rivers and to shed light on good practice that should serve as the basic standard for hydropower deployment.

The outcomes will also provide a rich source of ideas and suggestions for the HYDROPOWER EUROPE Forum to consider when finalizing its main documents, which comprise the Research and Innovation Agenda and Strategic Industry Roadmap for hydropower in Europe.

Date & time of the event: Tuesday, 8 June 2021, 14:00 – 16:15 (CET).

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Circular supply chains: Reducing pollution and waste through cooperation

Solar energy is one of the most promising forms of renewable energy sources contributing to CO2 reduction targets. There has been an ever-growing deployment of solar photovoltaic panels. However, as the PV market grows, so will its demand for raw materials, as well as its waste output and related pollution. Lifetime extension of products, components and materials, realised via reuse and repair is one of the cornerstones of a circular economy – a concept with vast potential for pollution mitigation.

How to reduce the environmental impact of solar PV modules and how to develop a circular value chain in the solar PV sector? The solution lies in a better collaboration of all actors in the supply chain.

In this session, CIRCUSOL will openly discuss environmental and economic challenges regarding circularity in the solar PV sector. The speakers will shed light on good practices which can inspire also other sectors.


Date & time of the event: Thursday, 10 June 2021 15:00 – 16:15 (CET)

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