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Zabala Innovation joined the #GoBlue campaign to raise awareness on children’s rights

Partners of the IMMERSE project – which aims to foster migrant childern’s long-term integration in Europe and ensure social cohesion, including ZABALA have adeared to UNICEF’s World Children’s Day celebrated on the 20th of November – a global day of action for children, by children.

Within this context, in the lead up to the World Children’s day, the IMMERSE project conducted a month long campaign aimed at creating debate on social media about migrant children’s rights and reflect on the concept of integration and its long-term implications.

You can follow the conversations on the IMMERSE Twitter account @IMMERSE_H2020 and visit the IMMERSE website.  


More about IMMERSE

The IMMERSE project seeks to identify and map the main stakeholders in migrant children’s social an educational integration. It’s main objective is to define a new integrated methodology to generate and monitor quantitative and qualitative data and develop a set of recommendations on the integration of refugees and migrant children in Europe. ZABALA takes part in the project leading the activities related to social awareness and stakeholders engagement.