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IMPETUS aims to set up a CS innovation programme to (i) open routes to fund a more diverse range of CS initiatives, (ii) strengthen the bond between society and science, (iii) recognise the role of citizen science in Europe, and (iv) enhance the contribution of CS to achieving SDG and Green Deal targets.


IMPETUS will support and give recognition to CS in the European Research Area mainly through direct funding for CS initiatives selected in three open calls, setting up an accelerator for the best ranked application, launching the European Union Prize for Citizen Science, developing dedicated impact pathways to provide data for policy-making, and assessing the impact of the accelerated pilots.


The expected impact of IMPETUS is to strengthen the ability of CS to deliver robust research outcomes, generate evidence for policy, and contribute to citizen-led, responsible innovation. This will enable the wider recognition of CS as a unique, sound approach to achieve these outcomes, to support the transition to a carbon neutral, sustainable, and just Europe, and reinforce people’s trust in science and expertise.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research And Innovation programme under Grant Agreement Nº 101058677.

María Anguiano

“IMPETUS is born to bridge the gap between science and society, by supporting the best citizen science pilots in Europe”

María Anguiano

Senior Consultant

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