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NADAPTA-CC ensures the involvement and commitment of the competent authorities for the implementation of the project. The Government of Navarra acts as Coordinator of the project, public companies related to the primary sector (INTIA), biodiversity and forestry (GAN), water (NILSA) and housing (NASUVINSA) and a public university (UPNA) as a research and education agent, are also involved. The project also includes local, regional and national stakeholders in its implementation.


Adaptation strategies are needed not only at the international level of administration, but also at the national, regional and local levels. National adaptation strategies are considered essential instruments to promote coordinated and coherent actions to combat the effects of climate change. This need is justified by the variety and diversity of those affected, the effects of climate change are not limited by administrative boundaries and affect all sectors and natural resources in many different countries. Therefore, regional authorities are ideally positioned to be the main drivers for the implementation of adaptation measures in several policy areas: spatial planning, public health, civil protection, risk management, energy, water supply and environment.


LIFE-IP NADAPTA aims to contribute to the full implementation of the Navarra Climate Change Strategy (SCCN). The integrated programme will focus on the implementation of adaptation strategies in the five priority sectors: Water, Agriculture, Forestry, Health and Land Management. In addition to integrating adaptation objectives in all sectors, the NADAPTA project will promote the coordination and mobilisation of other relevant European, national or private funding sources to carry out other complementary actions for the full implementation of the SCCN.


NADAPTA will help implement, at the regional level, several direct and complementary actions to achieve regional CC resilience. At the same time, it will ensure a high quality multi-purpose mechanism to achieve results and integrate conditionality into other policy areas (mainly in the areas of water, rural development, agricultural policy, biodiversity and health, but also in areas such as research, education, etc.).

This project is co-financed by the European Union’s LIFE Programme.

Igor Idareta

“Navarra commits to climate change in the LIFE NAdapta project”

Igor Idareta

Team leader with expertise in European Programmes

Team involved

  • Igor Idareta

    Igor Idareta

    Pamplona Office

    Team leader with expertise in European Programmes

  • Raquel Maeztu

    Raquel Maeztu

    Pamplona Office

    Senior Consultant in European Projects and leader in the European Project Management Area.


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