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The Zabala Innovation team has grown by 24% in the last two years, reaching 500 people

500 people team

April 2024 is already a date to mark in the corner of important milestones in Zabala Innovation’s 38-year history. Paula Ansorena, director of the People area, says that “we have managed to form a team of 500 people, something almost unthinkable just a few years ago… And something we are particularly proud of is that, at the same time, we continue to work very closely together. We are a team that works together to achieve great success, both in terms of project quality and results for clients. But always with a strong focus on people, their professional development and their well-being.

We grow while maintaining our essence

Zabala Innovation has seen significant growth in all its national and international offices in the last two years. Specifically, in Brussels it has increased its staff by 67% since 2021, followed by Vigo and Barcelona with 62.5% and 50%, respectively. Its office in Bilbao is not far behind, with a 45% growth in the team over the last two years.

Our values represent us more than ever and, although our team is growing, we are still the family business that José Mª Zabala, together with his wife Lía, founded in 1986.

It is a great company that keeps its essence and values intact: trust, integrity, cooperation, commitment to our customers and our environment and, of course, innovation, continue to guide our day-to-day work and define us. In the words of Paula Ansorena, “the change has been very big, but the pillars and the essence remain the same. On the other hand, it is a pleasure to have grown so much and to have incorporated such qualified and involved people, who bring so much professionalism and enthusiasm”.

Training and motivation, two big keys

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals, 94% of whom have university degrees and more than 70 people have doctorates in various areas of specialisation.

But in addition to training, the motivation of the team is key. As Ansorena explains, “in our company we strive to create a welcoming and dynamic working environment, where each person feels valued and motivated. As leaders in our sector, we are committed to a corporate culture that prioritises the well-being and personal and professional development of our team”.

“We actively listen to the needs and aspirations of our team, anticipating their concerns and offering them stimulating challenges,” says Paula Ansorena. Certain specialised profiles, such as telecommunications or computer engineering, are in high demand and the challenge is great, so the focus is on attracting and retaining this exceptional talent. In addition, “we value language skills, the desire to learn and take on challenges, involvement in the project, enthusiasm, and we encourage diversity and inclusion in our working environment”.

Personal and professional development

Commitment to job stability is another factor he points out with particular importance: “We provide opportunities for growth and internal promotion to the already 500 people in all our offices, recognising the talent and dedication of each and every one of them. In an increasingly competitive job market, it is essential to offer real and sustainable development opportunities, and to constantly adapt to changing demands.

“In a way, we are not just a company that offers employment, but we also offer personal development and fulfilment to those who are part of it. We seek the success and wellbeing of our team, working to achieve our goals and stay ahead of the curve.”

Open opportunities

Albert Einstein said that “in the midst of difficulty, there is always an opportunity”, and this famous phrase is especially true of Zabala Innovation because, even in difficult times of crisis, we have managed to see the opportunity and continue to grow. At the moment, the company has 31 selection processes open in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Pamplona, Bilbao, Seville, Valencia, Bordeaux, Brussels and Lisbon and you can consult all the information here.

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