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SET Plan Conference

Energy research and innovation for a competitive Europe

SET Plan Conference 2023

Organised under the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU and under the slogan Energy Research and Innovation for a Competitive Europe, the SET Plan Conference 2023 will take place in Viladecans (Barcelona, Spain), on 13 and 14 November. Within the framework of the 17th edition of this event on the EU plan for accelerating the development and deployment of low-carbon technologies, Zabala Innovation will participate in two meetings.

Maria Laura Trifiletti, Coordinator of EU Projects Management Unit in Zabala Innovation Brussels office, will moderate a panel  on the morning of 13 November, from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m., where the European Technology and Innovation Platforms (ETIPs) will present their recommendations for strengthening the research and innovation part in the revised National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs). The aim is to provide Member States and European Commissions with strategic guidance to align the NECPs with the SET Plan priorities and ensure that R&I is adequately addressed and identify gaps will be covered.

This panel – which will highlight the key role of R&I in the development and deployment of renewable energies in Europe and, therefore, in Europe’s drive towards its climate objectives –  will also include the Head of Unit Digitalisation, Competitiveness, Research and Innovation of the European Commission, Vincent Berrutto; the Head of Cabinet of the General Secretary for Innovation of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, Elisa Rivera; the Deputy Director General for Energy Foresight, Strategy and Regulation of the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition, Miriam Bueno; the representative of ETIP Ocean, Lotta Pirttimaa; the representative of ETIP Wind, Ivan Pineda; and the representative of ETIPs Bioenergy, RHC and Hydropower, Andrej Misech.

Climate-neutral industries

Zabala Innovation, as coordinator of the SET-IndEU project, will also be present at another session of the SET Plan Conference 2023 that will address the issue of climate-neutral industries and how to guarantee them a sustainable and affordable energy supply in 2040-2050. Moderated by EU Policy Officer Eric Lecomte, the panel will include the Co-Chair of the SET Plan Implementation Working Group 6 (Industry) and Vice-Chair of the A.SPIRE Advisory Committee on Climate and Energy, Franz Hörzenberger; the VITO/EnergyVille Sustainable Energy and Environment Researcher Joris Valee; the IRENA Director of Planning and Programme Support, Elizabeth Press; the CEFIC Director of Innovation, Sophie Wilmet; the Director of Strategy, Policy and Communication, Sara Piskor; Francesco Ferioli from the ENER A.4 Modelling team of the European Commission; and the head of the European Commission’s RTD.E1 Unit, Doris Schröcker.

This session will take place on 14th November, from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., and will focus on the future energy needs of industry, how they can be satisfied by local renewable generation, and which infrastructure will have to be developed to transport energy under specific vectors. The session will discuss how these supply constraints and uncertainties can impact the choice of transformation routes in industrial sectors and the related investment decisions, and so provide inputs for the design of research and innovation programmes and recommendations for the development of infrastructures. In this context it will also outline recent workstreams related to scaling up and acceleration of industrial demonstrators.

SET Plan Conference 2023

This year’s conference will highlight the importance of strengthening research and innovation to increase competitiveness and sovereignty in clean energy technologies in the European Union. SET Plan Conference 2023 will also serve as a platform for stakeholders to establish connections and foster collaborations to develop and demonstrate innovative clean energy solutions, accelerating their deployment. It will also promote the alignment of national and European policies, avoiding fragmentation of resources, initiatives, and regulations.

The conference will take place over two and a half days and will bring together policy makers and representatives from the public and private innovation spheres at national, European, and international level. It will feature plenary and parallel sessions dedicated to Europe’s key energy challenges, combining round tables and participatory sessions, as well as side events and networking opportunities.

The objectives of the SET Plan Conference 2023 include strengthening the research and innovation landscape, fostering collaboration with the energy industry community and improving synergies between national and EU policies. The conference will reflect the new SET Plan approach, which includes cross-cutting aspects such as the integration of societal needs, digitisation , circularity, upskilling and reskilling and market uptake of R&I in the development and deployment of clean technologies.

A crucial role

The SET Plan was launched in 2007 with the aim of accelerating the development and deployment of low-carbon technologies through cooperation between Member States, industry, research institutions and other stakeholders. As research, innovation and the expansion of energy technologies are central to crucial EU sectors, the SET Plan plays a crucial role in the EU’s competitiveness. It is also used as one of the most important tools for EU countries to develop and present their policies, which are then informed and measured through the NEPCs.