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World Innovation Day, shall we celebrate it?


Over the last few years, innovation has become a key element of our society, our economy and of our lives. The ‘i’ that accompanies the usual term R&D&I (Research + Development + Innovation) is made up of many essential ingredients, as demonstrated by the European Innovation Scoreboard.

In its latest edition of 2021, this illuminating study shows that innovation is measured by very heterogeneous markers (intellectual activity, digitisation, public and private investment, etc.). There are two leading pupils of the innovation class: Sweden in the European Union and South Korea at the global level.

The United Nations wanted to recognise the importance of innovation and decided to make 21 April World Creativity and Innovation Day, uniting two terms that go hand in hand.

Our Innovation Dictionary

To create is part of the definition coined by the Royal Spanish Academy, which states that to innovate is to create or modify a product and introduce it into the market.

Innovation is so important to Zabala Innovation that it forms part of our surname, a declaration of our intentions. That is why, some time ago, we created the Innovation Dictionary, a complete document that we seasoned with our own particular touch.

Innovation implies another approach, a turn of the screw, so our alphabet starts with Z to go through, letter by letter, the terms that we believe are inextricably associated with innovation. They are concepts, phrases, and philosophical quotes that complement, in a more personal way, the aforementioned indicators that take the pulse of innovation.

Ours is a timeless publication, with award-winning content and design (we don’t say so ourselves, the silver medal it won at the prestigious Fedrigoni Top Awards 2017 says so). We want to share it with you once again. Happy World Innovation Day!