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The Plan4CET project will work on the institutionalization and improvement of governance structures to facilitate regions in addressing and enhancing the implementation of clean energy transition policies. The project integrates a cross-sectoral and interdepartmental vision, fostering collaboration among various administrations to improve coordination in dealing with energy transition policies. It is expected that the project will develop the necessary methodologies to support pilot regions and, particularly, small municipalities in better planning and implementing CET policies.


The Plan4CET project will develop various methodologies and governance models to facilitate interaction among different public administrations and their departments. Three pilot tests will be implemented in different regions: Navarre (Spain), Skåne (Sweden), and Emilia Romagna (Italy). The goal is to assist these regions in improving their plans, strategies, and internal competence organization to address and work on energy transition effectively. Furthermore, the project will develop different capacity building trainings for public officers, policy makers and technicians to boost their capacities do develop CET plans and policies.


The Plan4CET project will have a significant impact on the participating regions. It is expected to train over 450 policymakers across the 3 pilot regions to enhance their capabilities and knowledge around clean energy transition. This knowledge infusion is expected to catalyze a substantial €218 million investment in Clean Energy Transition (CET) initiatives for new Renewable energy and other sustainable policies. Besides, the project will establish more than 50  sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs) and support more than 230 municipalities from the project pilot regions to implement clean energy transition policies.


This project has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union, under the grant agreement Nº.101120316. The views expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.

Aritz Goñi

“In Plan4CET we will help the regions to better face the challenges of the energy transition, both from the point of view of internal organisation and the knowledge of technicians and politicians”

Aritz Goñi

Leader of the International Tenders and Third Countries Area

Team involved

  • Aritz Goñi

    Aritz Goñi

    Pamplona Office

    Leader of the International Tenders and Third Countries Area


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