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The internet has become an integral part of children and young people’s lives. The increased time spent online is prompting questions about whether they are in control of their internet usage. 51% of EU citizens feel not at all or not well informed about cyber threats and 86% of Europeans believe that the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime is rapidly increasing. On the other hand, Law enforcement has noted that more and more teenagers and young people are increasingly committing cybercrimes. Understanding the behaviouraland developmental aspects of cyber criminality is becoming increasingly important and underlies the necessity of a shift in focus from sanctions to deterrence and prevention.


RAYUELA brings together law enforcement agencies (LEAs), sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists, legal experts, computer scientists and engineers, to develop novel methodologies that allow better understanding the factors affecting online behavior related to new ways of cyber criminality, as well as promoting the potential of these young talents for cybersecurity and technologies. The proposal is addressed to cybercrime related to children, teenagers and young adults, which happen to be one of the most vulnerable populations in the EU, who must be protected and nurtured to stay safe online.


RAYUELA proposes a series of solutions to help the EU in the prevention, investigation and mitigation of cybercrime related to online grooming, cyberbullying and human trafficking, while incorporating the perspective of gender and cultural diversity. Moreover, one of the main issues to be tackled in RAYUELA will be the defenceof fundamental rights, especially the right to privacy online. The project brings together key stakeholders to secure the impacts at EU level and beyond.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 882828.

Susana Garayoa

“Our contribution lies in the empowerment and education of young people to combat negative threats by “playing them out of their daily lives.”

Susana Garayoa

Head of Institutional Relations in Brussels

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