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TransEuroWorkS is a cutting-edge, multidisciplinary, and multi-level research initiative that offers analyses and policy suggestions for the future of social protection and employment in Europe. TransEuroWorkS’ multi-level, comparative, and multi-method strategy for scientific and social impact is driven by an understanding that social protection must be sustainable, inclusive, and mobile to address the complex and interlocking transformations of the near future.


TransEuroWorkS provides a practical theoretical approach and innovative empirical tools to produce insights, new data, original knowledge, and social innovations to identify the impact of labour market changes and new kinds of work forms on workers. The project then maps the social protection gaps and suggests potential new pathways for policy adjustments


TransEuroWorkS will engage a diverse range of stakeholders, policymakers, and the scientific community using a set of measures to maximize the impact that derives from the results of the project. The impact sought by the project can be classified into three areas: scientific, policy, and societal.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 101061198.

Janire García

“TransEuroWorkS will offer new insights into political views on social protection systems in order to improve political sustainability.”

Janire García

Leader of the Dissemination and Communication of European Projects area

Team involved

  • Anna Lorenzini

    Anna Lorenzini

    Brussels Office

    Dissemination and Communication in European Projects

  • Janire García

    Janire García

    Brussels Office

    Leader of the Dissemination and Communication of European Projects area


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