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Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS and artificial intelligence in medical applications


Artificial intelligence applied in the healthcare context is the focus of the new Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS project, AISym4MED. This applied research centre leads with its knowledge this initiative formed by a consortium of fifteen partners from eight countries, among which Zabala Innovation has led the communication and dissemination work package of the project.

AISym4MED faces the challenge of offering medical research a quality healthcare data platform by combining Machine Learning techniques and synthetic data generation. In this way, AISym4MED will help find the limitations of the artificial intelligence in the healthcare context, and provide tools to deal with issues, such as the dispersion of data, its unreliability or its privacy concerns.

AISym4MED is funded by Horizon Europe

This project will run for 48 months thanks to funding of nearly seven million euros received from Horizon Europe, the main European framework programme to support innovation and research.

According to David Belo, project coordinator and senior researcher at Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, “this platform will support the development of digital solutions and services for medical applications, allowing innovators to evaluate and improve artificial intelligence systems in a secure and reliable environment”.

AISym4MED was created to clarify the doubts that arise when combining artificial intelligence and healthcare. For this reason, the fifteen partners that make up the consortium have proven experience in blockchain, data inspection and privacy, information technology rights, ethics, healthcare and health management systems, among other fields. With this proposal, the collaborative consortium aims to contribute to ensuring European leadership in innovative healthcare technologies.

Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS and Zabala Innovation

Since 2009, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS has focused on driving innovation with research in fields as diverse as digital agriculture, decentralised healthcare technology, responsible artificial intelligence and connected cognitive solutions.

At its headquarters in Porto, it has a team of more than 80 researchers who have participated in more than ten European projects.

In its intense trajectory, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS has set up partnerships with more than 150 organisations from over 30 countries, among them Zabala Innovation.

In recent years, both entities have collaborated in several joint project proposals, such as AICEBLOCK or CSAPG, with a very satisfactory result. “The experience with Zabala Innovation is very positive, so we have contacted them again and they have a significant role in the coordination of AISym4MED. We noticed that they are enthusiastic about the project and they are not only helping in the coordination and management of the whole consortium, but also making the project more visible and coordinating the communication with the partners”, concludes David Belo.

David Belo Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS

“Zabala Innovation has played a very important role in the coordination of the proposal”

David Belo

Coordinator of the AISym4MED project

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