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10th Framework Programme: Innovation for the Future of Europe

10th Framework Programme

In the last five years, Europe has realized the urgent need for change. Unlike the lack of unity during the 2008 economic crisis, this time, a coordinated response has been crucial. The COVID-19 pandemic and the energy crisis, exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, have presented new challenges reflected in the Granada Declaration. Among these challenges are reducing energy dependence by promoting renewable energies and improving energy efficiency. Security and defence, especially after the war in Ukraine, have been exposed as vulnerable areas. The scarcity of essential raw materials highlights the need to adopt a circular economy model and diversify trade with third countries. Additionally, it is crucial to attract industry to Europe and regain industrial capacity, particularly in manufacturing essential items like chips and medicines.

These challenges add to those already set by the European Commission for the 2021-2024 period, which include: the European Green Deal, an economy that works for people, a Europe fit for the digital age, protecting our European way of life, a stronger Europe in the world, and a new push for European democracy. Europe faces numerous challenges that must be addressed in an integrated manner, ensuring the sustainability, resilience, and competitiveness of the European economic model. At Zabala Innovation, we believe that innovation is our best tool to face these challenges.

Discover the Position Paper of the 10th Framework Programme

The European Commission has two essential tools to address these challenges: budgets and funding programs, and regulations. These tools, proposed by the Commission, must be ratified by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. Therefore, 2024 will be crucial. We will elect a new European Parliament, the new European Commission will be constituted, and policies for the 2025-2028 period will be defined. Additionally, the European budget for the 2028-2035 period will be designed, a process in which we have much at stake in an ever-changing context that demands quick and urgent decisions.

We have already observed trends in recent years for the future budget: increased funding for programs linked to reducing CO2 emissions, greater interest in projects of special interest to member states that support industrialization, new tools to support European industry and investment in critical technologies, and the strengthening of the European Union’s defence policy.

Negotiating the budget framework in the European Union is like a blanket: if we pull on one corner, another will be left uncovered. At Zabala Innovation, we want to pull hard to cover INNOVATION. R&D&I, especially industrial R&D&I, is a key tool to boost industrial policy and competitiveness in Europe, ensuring our technological and strategic autonomy in the medium term. The technologies needed for energy and digital transitions will only become a reality with investment in innovation. No matter how many political speeches highlight its importance, if the budget blanket does not protect innovation, we will be lost.
10th Framework Programme: today we set the course for tomorrow.

With these premises, we have prepared our own Position Paper for the 10th Framework Programme (FP10), the next Framework Programme to support European innovation. We have distributed it to our collaborative environment, including regional, national and European administrations. If you are reading this text, it is because you share our commitment to put innovation at the heart of policies and budgets for the crucial period 2028-2034.

We invite you to read our ‘FP10 Position Paper’ on the 10th Framework Programme and share your ideas with us. Now is the time to propose changes and improvements. Regional and national associations and governments are gathering ideas, and we must keep our attention on surveys by the European Commission. Now is the time to submit proposals for the new budget 2028-2034. We are counting on you!