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Energy Union: €750 million in EU funding available for clean energy infrastructure

Trans-European infrastructure represents a crucial element of the Energy Union and one of the political priorities of the Juncker Commission. The 2019 CEF Energy call for proposals will be open until 13 June 2019. To apply for CEF Energy funding, projects must first be designated Projects of Common Interest (PCIs). PCIs need to have a significant impact on at least two EU countries and must increase competitiveness, enhance the EU’s energy security and contribute to sustainable development and environmental protection.

The received proposals for financing, which can be for studies or construction works, will then be evaluated against several additional criteria. These criteria include their state of maturity, their benefits in terms of security of supply, solidarity or innovation, and to what extent public support is needed to remove financing bottlenecks.


CEF-Energy provides EU funding for energy infrastructure projects that increase competitiveness, enhance the EU’s security of energy supply, contribute to sustainable development and protection of the environment, as well as promotion of safe, secure (including cybersecurity) and efficient network operation. CEF-Energy  envisages a total budget of €5.35 billion for trans-European energy infrastructure for the period 2014-2020. In order to be eligible for a grant, a proposal has to be ‘a project of common interest’ (PCI). When completed, the projects will each result in significant benefits for at least two Member States, enhance security of supply, contribute to market integration, and enhance competition, as well as reduce CO2 emissions. The Union-wide list of Projects of Common Interest is updated every two years. The latest PCI list was published by the Commission in November 2017. The CEF-Energy has allocated €3.4 bn to PCIs to date.


Source : ec.europa.eu