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BIRTUOSS will address the need for extensive building renovation in a holistic way fully consistent with the much-needed “systemic approach” embraced by the European Commission as key to “the preparation for, acceleration, and facilitation of the clean energy transition in the EU” (A systemic approach to the energy transition in Europe (EU publications)), building on the previous H2020-HIROSS4all and other related projects and initiatives, within the framework of solid regional policies on urban planning.


This project will leverage on the partners’ experience in HIROSS4all and continue developing the Opengela service to address the mentioned challenges to replicate and extend the model to the whole Basque Region. Efforts will be placed in developing a robust integrated home renovation model that will be applicable to diverse scenarios to maximize its impact. It will be integrated understood as offering a complete package covering the whole customer journey in home renovation; as well as integrated in the local Basque context.


BIRTUOSS will implement a pilot (living lab) to test the model and will be extended to 9 additional OSS during the scope of the project, covering 4,800 inhabitants and 2,102 dwellings. This will be reflected in primary energy savings of 62.83% (11,41 GWh/year) and a reduction of greenhouse gases emissions of 13,028.54 tCO2/year. During the 5 years after the project ending, it aims to achieve 10 more, with a total 6,350 inhabitants and 2,744 dwellings


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 101120660.

Julen Ugalde

“The BIRTUOSS project will improve and extend the Opengela model for the renovation of residential buildings and extend it to the whole of the Basque Country”

Julen Ugalde

Head of European Projects at the Bilbao office

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