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Strategic Plan

The main objective of the SUNROAD (Strategic Roadmap For a Solar Europe) project is the creation and implementation of a strategic plan of demand-oriented policies in photovoltaic energy to boost the commercialisation of new innovative products/services in this area.


The project will enable the drafting of a Strategic Plan and a plan for replication and implementation of measures in European regions. The regions selected to develop and implement this strategic plan are the following: Andalusia (Spain), Alsace-Lorraine (France) and Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony (Germany).


To achieve this objective, an extensive and powerful network will be created, including the main key actors of the sector in these regions, both on the demand side (120 industries), on the supply side (60 universities/centres) and on the regulatory side (6 Regional Public Administrations) to establish and enhance the developed policy measures.


The ultimate goal is to improve European competitiveness by providing a technological edge to ensure the profitability of innovation in terms of economic growth and employment.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme.

Maite Zazpe

“The cooperation of all actors of the sector will lead to the development of the most appropriate policies to boost the photovoltaic sector ”

Maite Zazpe

Enviromental Knowledge Area Leader and expert in LIFE Programme

Team involved

  • Maite Zazpe

    Maite Zazpe

    Pamplona Office

    Enviromental Knowledge Area Leader and expert in LIFE Programme

  • Igor Idareta

    Igor Idareta

    Pamplona Office

    Team leader with expertise in European Programmes

  • Camino Correia

    Camino Correia

    Pamplona Office

    Head of European Projects / Executive Commitee

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