SPIRE is an international non-profit association, that represents the European processing industries sector. This association manages, together with the European Commission, the SPIRE public-private partnership. Zabala Innovation has been chosen for the design and implementation of its knowledge management platform.

Due to the high dependence on resources (energy, raw materials and water) for production, the companies grouped in A.SPIRE prioritise efficiency. The platform developed by ZABALA will create space for collaboration and knowledge between all the sectors involved, as well as the main projects at European level.

A.SPIRE supports the development of novel technologies to improve resource use and energy efficiency in processing industries, with the aim of making them more sustainable and competitive.

European processing industries represent the economic roots of the EU, providing economic and social value by transforming raw materials into intermediate products and consumer goods. Fulfilling the objectives of this partnership will maintain the industry’s competitiveness and continue to generate jobs and products.

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